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Posted: March 18, 2020

Church Goal: $2500.00

Received: $425.00

Sunday Worship Online

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This Sundays Topic
What Must We Do?

1 Samuel 7:1-13

All services and activities are canceled through Wednesday, March 25. Our Deacons will be meeting to decide on upcoming events and worship services.


Currently, the church office is open. To continue to support the church, you may drop off your tithe with Nikki.


 Please call us if you need anything, and we will assist the best

way we can.

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From our Pastor

     What should we be doing as a church fellowship during the coronavirus crisis?  At this point we’ve all purchased the items that we think we will need.  We’ve stopped shaking hands and are practicing social distancing.  We’ve curtailed public events.  But, what should we do as a fellowship?

     First, each of us must make the Lord our focus.  It is easy to make the crisis our focus.  We need to deliberately and purposefully turn our attention back to the Lord.  The psalmist wrote, “I will lift up my eyes to the mountains; from where shall my help come?  My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth” (Psalm 121:1-2).  The psalmist was traveling through rough mountains that were filled with dangers.  As he traveled, he kept his focus on the Lord.  This focus gave him confidence and security.  If we want to experience the psalmist’s peace, we must follow his pattern of focusing on the Lord.

     Next, we need to pray.  We should pray that this virus be contained and begin to diminish.  We should pray that God spares us from further loss of life.

     We need to pray for our leaders to make wise decisions without stealing our constitutional liberties.  Real or contrived crisis always creates the opportunity for a governmental power grab.  “Emergency Temporary Measures” quickly become permanent infringements.  A crisis is the quickest route to tyranny.  Almost every socialist/communist government came into existence to “solve” a crisis.  This virus is dangerous on many levels.

     We need to continue ministering to each other and our lost friends and relatives.  However, instead of visiting in person we need to visit by phone.  We need to be calling and checking on one another.  Deacons should be checking on those in their family groups.  Sunday School teachers should be checking on their class members (and prospects).  We need to remain in touch with one another.

     We should still be sharing food with those who are sick.  But we need to do it differently.  We need to transport the food in disposable containers.  We should call ahead and let the recipient know that we are coming and leave the food on their front porch or steps. We need to avoid actual personal contact.

     If we are sick and someone brings us food, we need to respond differently as well.  We need to stay back from them.  We need to wipe off containers before we open them (in case the giver is carrying some other type of sickness).  All of us need to do all that we can to stop the spread of illness.

     This virus is very serious.  We don’t know the duration or severity of this crisis.  We need to address it in faith and wisdom.